Let’s Go Twinkies!
Monday 29 September 2008, 18:29 pm
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Sheila wrote in Worry. Be Metsie.:

How’s Toaster doing today? I hope he’s not to upset about the Mets loss.

He’s taking it surprisingly well. I think he’s finally come to understand what it’s like to be a true Mets fan: Joy and hope followed by sadness and despair.

When the Marlins leapt out to the 2-0 lead yesterday Toaster got very worried. He caught a cab to Shea (don’t you think that with all the money Bwana makes that we should have a private helicopter?) and frantically made toast in the bullpen for the pitchers, knowing that the fate of our season rested with the relief corps.

Alas! They gave up the winning runs.

(Toaster thinks Johan Santana should pitch every day.)

But even with getting knocked out of the post-season on the last day of the season for the second year in a row, Toaster is not feeling too devastated. It doesn’t hurt that he got Tom Seaver to autograph a baseball for him. Tom’s terrific! Toaster cried during the Shea Goodbye ceremony.

Now that the Mets aren’t in the playoffs Toaster has decided to cheer for the Twinks. Twinkies are a fine breakfast food, so Toaster has a good feeling about that. Plus Minnesota has a lot of lakes and a nice state bird.

Right now we need the Detroit Tigers to beat the Chicago White Sox so that the Twinks will make the playoffs. Toaster has built a Twinkie Stonehenge in front of the tv set to create some good mojo:


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I’m glad to hear Toaster took the Mets loss so well and didn’t go for his hiding place under the sink. Now he can start rooting for the Patriots full time with Hoodie Bear, since he doesn’t have a team playing baseball now.

Comment by Sheila

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