Toaster of Death
Wednesday 1 October 2008, 14:34 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Thinks About

Sheila wrote in Let’s Go Twinkies!:

I’m glad to hear Toaster took the Mets loss so well and didn’t go for his hiding place under the sink. Now he can start rooting for the Patriots full time with Hoodie Bear, since he doesn’t have a team playing baseball now.

Well, gee whiz.

Toaster cheered for the Mets and they didn’t make the playoffs.

Then he cheered for the Twinks and they didn’t make the playoffs, either.

He’s beginning to think he’s the Kiss of Death. Sheesh, he’s like the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx and the Dan Patrick Jinx rolled up into one.

He’s thinking of selling the Toaster Jinx to the highest bidder. Senator Obama’s campaign said that if Toaster jinxes Senator McCain’s campaign they will let him be ambassador to France. That would be fun — French toast, baguettes, and croissants are all wonderful breakfast foods. But Governor Palin said that if Toaster jinxes the Obama campaign then she will give him a real life moose straight from Alaska. Toaster has always wanted to have puppy, so he figures a moose would be like the next best thing and pretty darn neat-o.

We think he’s going to have to ask Bwana’s permission first, though ….


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Maybe you can find a jinx to jinx all the jinxes:

Comment by Blue Velvet

Toaster should go for the Ambassadorship to France, he’d love Paris in the Spring.

I have a good feeling Bwana, if not letting Toaster have a puppy, would not go for having a Moose around the house…Besides, I don’t think Toaster could handle taking an animal that large for a walk every day.

Comment by Sheila

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