Save Us, Obi-Wan Warren Buffett Kenobi!
Wednesday 8 October 2008, 17:33 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Thinks About

Blue Velvet writes:

I know Toaster loves the pigs, but if he has a Piggy Bank pal, we sure could use his help right now.

Super Pig

There’s been so much bad news lately about the economy. Toaster is worried that his Piggie Bank is going to start to lose weight. Piggies aren’t supposed to be svelte.

Toaster thinks that the people in government should put Warren Buffett in charge of the economy. Mr. Buffett is really smart, he’s really good with money, and he works for peanuts.

Gee, whizzers, even Bwana makes more than Mr. Buffett!

We don’t need Super Pig. We need Super Warren!