Recount Toaster
Wednesday 19 November 2008, 13:54 pm
Filed under: Where in the World is Toaster?

Gosh, darn it.

The Alaska U.S. Senate race recount has already been done. Toaster wanted to be there, but Alaska is a long ways for him to walk. But he’s still anxious to help in the democratic process, so he’s taken off and gone to Minnesota to help with the recount in the Norm Coleman-Al Franken Senate race. He took his biggest pencil so that he can keep track of everything:


Recounts are a lot of work and Toaster is but a small appliance. But he’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and — doggone it! — people like him!

m00finsan wrote in Hairdo Bwana:

I heard Bwana was on vacation this week. Is he staying with you guys or is he doing something else?

Toaster wanted Bwana to go with him to Minnesota, but Bwana said the Minnesota GOP didn’t want him to be there.