Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays ….
Thursday 27 November 2008, 11:33 am
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Toaster got so involved in the Minnesota recount that he forgot to make a plane reservation to get home for Thanksgiving. But luckily he has a good little noggin on him and he FedEx’d himself overnight so that he could be with Bwana:


Small appliances are very resourceful.

Happie Thanksgiving, everyone!

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A FedEx box? Wow, that seems like a pretty rough way to travel. Next time Toaster finds himself stranded during the holidays, he should do what Kate McCallister did, and see if a kind group of traveling polka players wouldn’t mind giving him a ride to the city in their van. I bet Toaster could even make the experience educational and learn how to play an instrument like the clarinet or the accordion.

Comment by Samantha

It can get very cold in Minnesota…hopefully Bwana is wearing that nice crew-neck sweater he wore on Martha.

It would be nice if he wore a sweater on air instead of the suit jacket, dress shirt, and tie he always wears. He could set a new trend, like Dan Rather did with his cardigans.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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