New Year’s Toast
Wednesday 31 December 2008, 13:21 pm
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Blue Velvet writes

PS Happy New Year to all.

and m00finsan adds:

Happy New Year to you, yours, and everyone at Casa del Bwana.

Thankie for your greetings!

Toaster would like to remind everyone that toast goes really well with all varieties of champagne. So when you toast in the New Year, don’t forget the toast:


There’s nothing like a nice piece of toast and bubblies to ring in the New Year!


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Thanks for reminding me, Toaster. Unfortunately my own toaster just gave up the ghost, so off to buy a new one for New Year’s Eve toasting!

Comment by Dottie

May your toaster rest in peace, Dottie. T_T

Comment by m00finsan

Thought the Toaster clan would enjoy this:

There was a new Mr. Met commercial I saw last week during the The Best of “This Is SportsCenter” ads ESPN2 ran last week, but I can’t find a post for it.

Comment by Blue Velvet

I think I may have found video that may contain the new Mr. Met commerical. This is part 1; you can access the others from the list on the right:

There’s also a great commercial featuring the Sausage mascots.

Enjoy. Can’t wait for baseball season to begin.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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