A Toaster in Every Home
Monday 5 January 2009, 12:29 pm
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Dottie wrote in New Year’s Toast:

Thanks for reminding me, Toaster. Unfortunately my own toaster just gave up the ghost, so off to buy a new one for New Year’s Eve toasting!

Oh my goodness! A home without a toaster is a sad place ….

We hope you were able to get a new toaster in time for your New Year’s Eve champagne ‘n toast celebration. Toasting in the New Year with cold bread is somewhat lacking.

Toaster’s not sure if Hello Kitty subscribes to the champagne ‘n toast theory of New Year celebrations, but she does have a really cute toaster:



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Unfortunately I was NOT able to get a toaster in time for New Year’s toasting. We made do with black eyed peas (symbolizing good luck and prosperity for the New Year). 2009 promises to be an austere year for all, so a quiet (toastless) New Year wasn’t as bad as it would be other years. Still, it wasn’t the same.

The toaster illustrated above is lovely, but the new one winging its way to Chez Dottie resembles Toaster, actually. You can’t argue with good looks.

I hope hearing of the sad demise of the previous toaster wasn’t too much of a downer for Toaster. I thought about it afterward, and regretted the note I left. Toaster is still relatively young to have to contemplate our inevitable mortality, particularly over the hols. Hope there were no nightmares or anything like that.

After the last week of Caroline Kennedy news, I must say I believe Toaster would be a far better choice as Senator. Still, I have no idea how Chez Bwana could function without him. One’s family should always come before personal ambition, I feel, even if it is a sacrifice.

Bwana does not seem like the sort of fellow that can get by without a lot of help, and Bwanette must be out a lot, working.

It was so lovely to see Bwana last night! I’m sure it was a much needed vacation for all, but he was much missed. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays.

Comment by Dottie

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