Script SnOhio!
Friday 16 January 2009, 11:06 am
Filed under: Things That Toaster Likes

rrgirl writes in Waiting for Obama:

this video is completely off topic, but I’m nominating “Livi” and his daughter for coolest Ohioans of the week, of the many from whom to choose.

Wow!!! Neat-o!!!

That sinks it. Toaster wants to move to Ohio!

New York City is all right, but Ohio looks like a much more fun place.

Livi did a great job! He didn’t have lines on the field to help him keep the letters straight. And Toaster is glad he didn’t have to do Script Minnesota; the poor man might have frozen to death.

(PS: Nothing is off-topic for us. We have wide-ranging interests. Add in the ADHD and the whole world is our canvas.)


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Go Bucks!!!

We may have lost to Texas in the ‘Fiesta Bowl'(We Were Robbed!)but we have beat that ‘Team From Up North’five years in a row.

Comment by Sheila

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