The Metaphysical Toaster (and Happie BwanaDay!)
Tuesday 27 January 2009, 12:32 pm
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Dottie wrote:

Happy 50th Birthday Bwana! And many more!

Yay!!! Whee!!!

Toaster made special Birthday Toast for Bwana this morning.

Given the Chinese New Year directive (“Noodles should be uncut, as they represent long life.”) Toaster thinks we need to give Bwana Spaghettios for dinner tonight. Spaghettios are round and have no beginning and no end, so they are infinitely long noodles. If Bwana eats Spaghettios Toaster believes that Bwana will live forever and ever.


(Toaster is but a small appliance, but he thinks very deep thoughts.)


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Toaster is in Tampa with Bwana?

I hope he’s enjoying the warm weather and has a great time at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Comment by Sheila

Bwana’s friend Joe Torre is scheduled to be on Larry King live Friday, January 30, 2009. The other guest is the Anna Nicole judge Larry Seidlin, whom I think Bwana found very amusing if I recall correctly.

It was nice to see Bwana outside the studio at media day on his birthday, but I’m sure he would have happier if it were baseball, not football.

Comment by Blue Velvet

But our British friends prefer this:

And this (as well as our new president, one might rightly assume):

Comment by Blue Velvet

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