But there’s more of him to love ….
Tuesday 3 February 2009, 12:05 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Blue Velvet comments:

Also, in watching Bwana broadcast from Tampa, I think he is eating too much toast.

And some wise guy at Slate writes:

IV. Keith Olbermann looked like an early favorite for the worst-dressed award. It was partly that he had the misfortune of reporting from the Cardinals locker room alongside the exquisitely sharp Tiki Barber, and partly that his suit jacket bulged as if concealing one or two vests. Explain yourself, sir.

Dottie wrote about the 8 Tiny Toasters:

Adorable! but fattening. I don’t think Bwana and Bwanette could eat that much toast,…

It’s not fattening! It’s called “Comfort Food.”

So there.


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Well, if Bwana’s eating all that toast, then Toaster must be doing a good job as of late, eh?

Speaking of, if Bwana is home by now, tell him I sez to get well soon. ;D

Comment by m00finsan

Me too! Toast and tea is awfully good when you’re sick (or tired, as the case may be).

Comment by Dottie

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