A Toaster for Every Home and a Home for Every Toaster
Wednesday 11 February 2009, 17:38 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Thinks About

Blue Velvet wrote:

How moving was it when President Obama spoke with Henrietta Hughes?

When she gets her house, she will then be able to get a toaster.

One of the most beautiful moments ever.

Golly. It brought a tear to Toaster’s eye.

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner’s second day of testimony before Congress on Wednesday was a chance to rebut critics who said that the bank bailout plan he announced a day earlier was troublingly vague.

But despite a spirited defense of the Obama administration’s plan, he found it difficult to overcome the doubts among lawmakers and struggled to explain why help for distressed homeowners was still weeks away.

    — Geithner Is Pressed for Bailout Details

If Mr. Geithner could promise a toaster for every home then everyone would feel a whole lot better.


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Toaster has a kind and thoughtful heart.

Comment by Dottie

This headline not only caught my eye but made me think:

Bwana’s mode of transportation?

Comment by Blue Velvet

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