Toaster Loves Mr. Aaron
Thursday 19 February 2009, 13:35 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Thinks About

Blue Velvet commented in Throwing the Cousin under the Bus:

A-Rod mentioned medicine. Everyone knows the best feel-good food is cinnamon toast with hot tea.

(I meant to say the best medicine is cinnamon toast with hot tea.)

Mr. Henry Aaron is known to love toast. He has always eaten a lot of toast.

A lot.


Just sayin’ ….


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Nice photo. Can’t wait for the season to start, as is Bwana, I’m sure!

Found detail on Ken Burns’ “10th Inning,” which I hope Bwana narrates (and with whom Burns will undoubtedly consult):

Comment by Blue Velvet

A toaster quote worthy of the Oscars (and probably one of Bwana’s favorites):

“Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won’t say anything.” –Howard Beale, “Network”

Comment by Blue Velvet

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