Ahoy, wee Toaster!
Wednesday 22 April 2009, 20:28 pm
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Blue Velvet wrote in Toaster Helper:

Uncle Dan was talking about this today on his show:

Accuweather: Seat Angle Could Be Causing Yanks’ Wind Tunnel

Bwana wrote about it, too: The Home-Run Menace:

There seems to be a jet stream, left to right, at all times.

Toaster really, really wants to go to a Yankee game, but Bwana is afraid that the wind will blow him away, wee small appliance that he is. Toaster enjoys travelling, but Bwana is afraid that Toaster will wind up on the Grand Concourse or maybe even in Yonkers. Toaster promises to not blow away. He’ll even bring his trusty anchor:


rrgirl added:

almost, not quite a shout-out. I thought of Toaster when I read it. Bwana is a wonderful writer, and not a bad photographer.

Bwana’s main job now is The News, but he’ll always be a Baseball Man to us.


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