Sing-a-Long Bwana
Wednesday 3 June 2009, 11:02 am
Filed under: Things That Toaster Thinks About

After thinking about the Cubs’ and Mets’ sing-a-long songs, Toaster decided that Bwana needs to have a “Countdown” sing-a-long.

Mr. O’Reilly doesn’t have a sing-a-long. Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t have a sing-a-long.

Halfway through the show would be a nice time for a song. Bwana could hire The Best Damned Band in the Land to play the music while they spell out Script Bwana.

(Toaster wonders whether the band takes requests.)

But that song doesn’t have words, so people could only hum-a-long to it.

The end of the show would be another good time for a song. Toaster thinks this one sums up Bwana pretty darn good:


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Bwana may want (but perhaps not need) some Yankee M&Ms:

Comment by Blue Velvet

I love ‘Script Ohio’ and College Football in the fall…But it’s about 4 more months till football season starts and the way the Tribe is playing it is going to be a long summers wait.

Comment by Sheila

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