Wait ‘Til Next Year!
Monday 31 August 2009, 16:55 pm
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Santana Is Out for the Season

Mets ace Johan Santana will miss the rest of the season because of bone chips that must be removed from his left elbow, …

Boy! And we don’t even get to Live Happily Ever After!

Toaster was distraught for a while, but we think he has gotten over it. He is counting the days until Spring Training 2010. Until then he will cheer for Bwana’s Yankees


Book ’em, Toast-o!
Friday 21 August 2009, 13:26 pm
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Toaster is celebrating the 50th anniversary of statehood for Hawaii.

poi-taro-brand.jpgHe made Special Hawaiian Toast for Bwana this morning: poi spread on toast with a slice of pineapple on top.

But for some reason Bwana rushed out the door.

Toaster put it in a paper sack and is carrying it over to Bwana’s office for lunch.

Small Appliance Jealousy
Monday 17 August 2009, 13:19 pm
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Blue Velvet wrote:

Bwana mentioned Toaster during the Odddball/Best Persons segment 8/12/09!

And Dottie added:

I saw that! Toaster must be so proud!

That was a bit of a weird shout-out: Toaster doesn’t even know Mr. Doocy.

But it was neat-o to hear Bwana say the T-Word on tv.

Little shout-outs to the young’ins are better than dangling them out windows:

Of course now the Coffeemaker and Orange Juicer are mad because Bwana mentioned Toaster and not them.

Small appliances can be so petty at times ….

Slight Deficiency in the Department of Bravery
Tuesday 11 August 2009, 15:33 pm
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Blue Velvet noted:

While watching Bwana deliver his Special Comment last night, I flashed back to my public speaking class in college. We were required to practice in front of a mirror. A toaster is highly polished – does Toaster help Bwana with his Special Comments? Also, is he a “Brave Little Toaster” for doing so, because Bwana can be quite intense!

Toaster loves watching Bwana practice his craft. But Bwana’s Special Comments are very fiery and Toaster is not exactly the Bravest Little Toaster on the block. Toaster would like to help, but when Bwana practices his Special Comments at home Toaster more often than not is found thusly:


“Other sports are trivial. Baseball is important.”
Saturday 8 August 2009, 17:54 pm
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Toaster has been very busy lately. He wants Bwana to be proud of him and any toaster of Bwana needs to know his baseball trivia. We ordered a case of 3×5 index cards and Toaster has been going through Bwana’s baseball library and taking lots of notes.

Toaster - Index Card

He is hoping to enter the SABR World Series of Baseball Trivia next year. We wonder if they have a Small Appliance Division. Maybe he can team up with Bwana. It would be another good father-son activity for them.

Toaster says Save Mr. Clucky!
Saturday 1 August 2009, 13:06 pm
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Toaster doesn’t understand why people want to force Mr. Clucky out of his home.

Everybody needs a home ….

Save Mr. Clucky!