Small Appliance Jealousy
Monday 17 August 2009, 13:19 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Blue Velvet wrote:

Bwana mentioned Toaster during the Odddball/Best Persons segment 8/12/09!

And Dottie added:

I saw that! Toaster must be so proud!

That was a bit of a weird shout-out: Toaster doesn’t even know Mr. Doocy.

But it was neat-o to hear Bwana say the T-Word on tv.

Little shout-outs to the young’ins are better than dangling them out windows:

Of course now the Coffeemaker and Orange Juicer are mad because Bwana mentioned Toaster and not them.

Small appliances can be so petty at times ….

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Everyone needs to stop being mad at each other and follow David Wright’s example:

Comment by Blue Velvet

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