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Monday 7 September 2009, 14:19 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Likes

It’s been a pretty depressing season for Mets fans, so Toaster has been spending a some time following the U.S. Open tennis tournament for a little change of pace.

Toaster - Tennis U.S. Open

It’s not baseball, but Toaster likes tennis. It has cute words like “love” and “smash.” (But nothing like “can of corn” or “catbird seat.” And there is no infield fly rule.)

Toaster has discovered that in order to play tennis his toast must be very crisp. If it is not toastie enough then he can’t get good top spin on the ball.

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I’m surprised Toaster hasn’t been watching Football, the College season started this weekend.

And at the ‘Horse Shoe’ John Glenn and his lovely wife dotted the i in ‘Script Ohio’ at the first game.

Comment by Sheila

Maybe Toaster can’t have these (alcoholic and wet), but perhaps Bwana might:

Especially when he talks about Glenn Beck so his head doesn’t ‘splode.

Comment by Blue Velvet

Serena Williams certainly had no nice words…..

Comment by Blue Velvet

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