Oh, there’s nothing like toast for the holidays!
Friday 25 December 2009, 20:04 pm
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Dottie wrote:

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Toaster must be exhausted after all the Thanksgiving toast for stuffing. Rest up, little Toaster, and take your vitamins in anticipation of Christmas!

Boy-o-boy! Toaster was really busy making toasted turkey sandwiches with the Thanksgiving leftovers. Bwana practically overdosed on toasted turkey sandwiches.

And then there was all the pre-Christmas activities.

And now here is it: The Big Day.

So much hustle and bustle! It’s easy to forget what Christmas is all about. But Toaster remembers:


Throwing the toaster out with the bathwater
Wednesday 16 December 2009, 22:12 pm
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Burnt Toast Causes Airport Evacuation

A faulty toaster is the cause for ire at the Glasgow-Prestwick Scotland Airport—the little machine is responsible for causing multiple terminal evacuations and flight delays, according to a November 21st report in the Scotland Daily Record. In the past month alone, the airport has been evacuated on three separate occasions after burnt toast in the employee break room activated fire alarms, reports the Daily Record.

The most recent burnt toast fiasco occurred on Friday, November 20th, resulting in flight delays and the evacuation of thousands of people from the airport terminal. An airport spokesperson told the newspaper that the airport is currently reviewing its procedures to prevent another incident. The Daily Record also reports the airport is reminding its staff about the correct use and positioning of toasters to prevent further hazards. If the problem persists, both airport and fire authorities are suggesting an all-out ban on toasters in the interest of public safety.

Hokey smokes, guys! Do we ban small children when one of them plays with matches and burns down the house?