Toaster feels Cleveland’s Pain
Sunday 16 May 2010, 22:19 pm
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Toaster sends his condolences to all his friends in the great state of Ohio, and especially those who live in Cleveland. He is very sure that LeBron would have played better if he had eaten more toast during the playoffs.


Flock o’ Buckeyes
Friday 7 May 2010, 10:32 am
Filed under: Things That Toaster Likes

Sheila wrote in Happie Arbor Day:

Is that a Buckeye tree sprouting from toaster?

Wow! Those Ohio folks sure are perceptive! They must all have Buckeye Radar.

Toaster is hoping to find a nice spot in Central Park where he can plant his little Buckeye tree. After he gets a Buckeye forest growing he will move in a flock of Buckeye chickens:

“New York, New York — so nice, they named it twice.”

But having a little bit of Ohio never hurts.