Citizen Bwana
Wednesday 25 October 2006, 19:37 pm
Filed under: Electric Shadows, The Detroit Tiggers

Cristiane worries about Toaster’s reaction to Game 3:

I have terrible visions of Toaster clutching his Tigger doll in fear and trembling. Please give him another consoling hug.

Thanks, but …

Every time Fox cuts to that low, angled shot looking up at the pitcher on the mound Toaster will run around with Tigger and shout “Charles Foster Kane! Charles Foster Kane! Charles Foster Kane!”


For a small appliance, he sure knows a lot about movies.

Toaster may want to start small with his new-found cinematic zeal – a cinema-verite look at Life at Bwana’s Place, for instance.

Gosh, no. He wants to go epic right off the bat, just like Mr. Welles did. He’s already started storyboarding a bio-pic; our working title is “The Natural History of Keith Olbermann.” We just can’t figure out what Bwana’s “Rosebud” would be ….


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