It was … it was … Twinkie Poisoning
Wednesday 28 October 2009, 20:23 pm
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Blue Velvet wrote:

When I was sick my grandma always made me tea and toast. Bwana’s been under the weather with a respiratory ailment – is Toaster helping Bwana to get better?

The suits at NBC would like you to think it was a “respiratory ailment,” but the truth of the matter is that Bwana has been eating too many Twinkies.


Toaster felt so sure that the Minnesota Twins would make it to the World Series that he bought 34 cases of them (34 being the number of famous Twin, Kirby Puckett) so that he would have some celebratory thingies to flame and fling out the window. But alas, the Twinks got eliminated in the first round, leaving us with a whole lot of Twinkies in the house. Not wanting them to go to waste — and being all-encompassing with his appetites — Bwana took over.

Can you say “Sick leave?”

I knew you could.

To clear our happie home of the rest of the spongy delights Toaster decided to try to sell them at Yankee Stadium during the World Series. He thinks if he does well they will change the lyrics to the song:

Buy me some Twinkies and Cracker Jack,
I don’t care if I never get back …

Toaster is sure he will make a lot of money selling his World Series Twinkies. They are deep fried, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in popcorn. He’ll be hawking them out in the bleachers.

The people in the bleachers will eat anything ….


Let’s Go, Breakfast Foods, Let’s Go!
Tuesday 6 October 2009, 17:44 pm
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Well, the Mets season is over. Toaster sat in the kitchen cabinet for a long time to meditate on the impermanence of life and — especially — of a playoff-worthy roster. But he snapped out of his funk just in time to cheer on the Minnesota Twinkies in their tie-breaker game versus the Detroit Tiggers today.

Toaster loves Tiggers, but all breakfast foods stick together, so he is firmly behind the Twinkies:

Toaster - MN Twins