Let’s Go Sausages!
Tuesday 31 July 2007, 16:25 pm
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Bwana says baseball history may be made tonight as Tom Glavine goes for win #300 at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Only 22 other pitchers have ever reached that plateau. Toaster can’t wait for the game.

But only because he wants to watch the Sausage Race:


Dancing with Toaster
Monday 30 July 2007, 21:36 pm
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rrgirl writes in Merengue Meringue Night!:

maybe Toaster needs to begin with a nice beguine…these kids made it through without tripping or falling off stage:

though they have a ways to go before they make it look easy:

Maybe Bwana will send Toaster to dance class so he can learn to waltz around the bases for the next Mr. Met Dash.

(Click on the video player image — but not on the “Play” arrows — to access this video directly from YouTube.)

And if Kenny Mayne gets to be on Dancing with the Stars, then we don’t see why Toaster couldn’t do it, too.

Bad Sunday
Sunday 29 July 2007, 13:48 pm
Filed under: Things That Make Toaster Mad is mad at Bwana.

He wanted to do the Mr. Met Dash today at Shea Stadium, but with rain in the forecast Bwana decided he didn’t want Toaster to get wet and possibly rust. Plus Toaster is so small he usually gets trampled by a toddler jacked up after eating ice cream, soda, and cotton candy all day at the ballpark

A good command decision by Bwana.

Merengue Meringue Night!
Saturday 28 July 2007, 10:25 am
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Toaster really wanted to go to Merengue Night at Shea Stadium last night, but Bwana was too busy to take him. Bwanette made him some meringue instead. He doesn’t really know the difference.

Magic Toaster
Wednesday 25 July 2007, 22:00 pm
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Blue Velvet writes:

This from an old Calvin and Hobbes comic str, on the magic of toasters:

toaster-magic.jpgCalvin: Wanna see something weird? Watch. You put bread in this slot and push down this lever… then in a few minutes, toast pops up!

Hobbes: Wow. Where does the bread go?

Calvin: Beats me. Isn’t that weird?

Toaster loves magic. He read all about Houdini. Bwana got him all sorts of magic tricks and Toaster tried many of them out. I nixed the idea for the Sawing The Mattress In Half trick.

Toaster worked very hard on the Pulling A Rabbit Out Of The Hat trick. He tried and tried and tried, but the only thing that ever came out was toast.

Multi-tasking with Small Appliances
Tuesday 24 July 2007, 22:29 pm
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Blue Velvet contributes:

Ron’s toaster answers the phone


Bwana won’t let Toaster answer the phone. He says Toaster never does it the right way, plus he never gets the message right.

Super Hero Toaster
Monday 23 July 2007, 19:49 pm
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On Toaster in Film:

Toaster thinks he’d be good in the next Fantastic Four movie. The Silver Surfer is pretty neat-o but I think people will much prefer the Titanium Toaster:


An added benefit is that he can be in a movie with Jessica Alba. Toaster thinks she’s very pretty. Uncle DP can interview them on his new show. Bwana won’t be able to make any comments, though, in light of the Bwanette Situation.