Toaster Lang Syne
Sunday 31 December 2006, 19:29 pm
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Blue Velvet writes:

Depending on when you read this, what is everyone doing – or what did everyone do – for the New Year?

Not much here – just hanging out with some Cal Arts students who live in my apartment complex and watching these jokers:

Happy New Year’s, all.

toaster-fireworks-flowers.jpgCandelabra would like to use his matches to light fireworks, but we’ve found that fireworks terrify Toaster. So Bwana just got some Fireworks Flowers and stuck them in Toaster’s head. It gives the house a festive feeling without scaring the dickens out of the little guy.

If we can stay up late enough we will toast the New Year with Dr Brown’s Cream Soda at midnight.

For now, we settle in front of the tv with seltzer and a big plate of S’mores and watch the Packers versus the Bears.

Go Pack!


Our Happie Christmas
Friday 29 December 2006, 23:23 pm
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On Merry Toastmas:

bu-bu: Double bergamot? Dude. Awesome.

We enjoy a good Earl Grey — heavy on the bergamot and light on the sugar.


Blue Velvet : Exquisite taste in linens – thanks for sharing the site.
Probably the most boring toy commercial ever made:

Toaster likes the new linens, too. He likes the canopy, it makes him feel like he’s camping out.
Bwana won’t let him make S’mores in bed, though. He says it’s a fire hazard.

Toaster’s Silly Putty is getting rather crunchy with all the toast crumbs that are getting stuck in it. Very hard to remove crumbs from Silly Putty.

Merry Toastmas
Wednesday 27 December 2006, 13:45 pm
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Cristiane writes:

Hope everyone in your happie home is having the best Christmas ever, and that everyone is festooned in Yankee gear, merrily singing songs and carols.

martini.jpgThank you. We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you and your family did, too.

Bwana Claus got us all kinds of nifty stuff. (Toaster thinks the martini he left for Santa did the trick, but of course we know different.)

Teapot got not just Earl Grey tea but Double Bergamot Earl Grey. That’s like Earl Grey on steroids.

Candelabra got a link to a neat-o matchstick game. This means he will be on the computer a lot. Maybe he will want to blog about Bwana, too.

I got a spiffy new set of linens. From Italy:


And Bwana found absolutely the best gift for Toaster: a 5 -pound box of Silly Putty! Toaster has been having a wonderful time bouncing wads of Silly Putty around the house and making prints of his favorite comic strips. At one point he got so excited that he stepped into the blob of putty and got stuck. Trauma and consternation ensued. But Bwana rescued him.

We love Bwana.

After playing with the Silly Putty for almost all Christmas day Toaster then turned his attention to the empty boxes that our gifts came in, plus the used wrapping paper. He played with these for the rest of the night and fell asleep under the tree.

Floats Like a Butterfly, Toasts Like a Bee
Tuesday 26 December 2006, 20:09 pm
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Boxing Day

It’s beginning to look a lot like Toastmas …
Sunday 24 December 2006, 23:26 pm
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… everywhere you go!


A Very Toaster Christmas
Thursday 21 December 2006, 15:57 pm
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Blue Velvet comments on It Grows on Trees?:

But Toaster can have his own font: Space Toaster

You called me “film savant” once. “TV Geek” is appropriate as well.

Toaster would be great on a tv show (Nickelodeon? The Cartoon Network?) but he doesn’t want to steal any of Bwana’s thunder.

Sheila comments on A Gustatory Christmas:

The Fountain is a neat gift, but the only person left on my gift list is my Niece and she wants a ‘Tickle My Elmo’.

To bad they don’t make a ‘Tickle Me Toaster’.

I love giving gifts that are multitaskers.

“Tickle Me Toaster” would be a fun toy. We’re going to have to get Bwana’s agent to work a deal with Mattel or Gund or Sanrio.


(That’s “Hello Toaster” in Japanese.)

rc suggests:

you could dip toast into the chocolate fountain

If we get a chocolate fountain we are sailing origami boats in it.

If we can fold boats out of phyllo then we can eat them afterwards.

Gifts that Keep On Giving
Wednesday 20 December 2006, 20:58 pm
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Blue Velvet continues our Bovine Theme:

More cows, but I like the whole idea behind this: Heifer International – Meaningful Gifts

And this: Mosquito Netting for a Rural Village

Peace, all.

Toaster would love to get a water buffalo for Christmas.


Anti-malarially speaking, don’t forget the Nothing But Nets campaign by DP Show regular Rick Reilly.