Day of Blogness, 2007
Friday 31 August 2007, 17:22 pm
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Blue Velvet sends greetings and a question:

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend, Mattress, Toaster, Tofu Guys, and Candlestick!

No celebration of Blog Day, like last year on this day?

Blog Day 2007

Goodness gracious! We forgot about Blog Day! Many thanks for the reminder!

Here is a list of blogs that we have been enjoying:

Cute Overload — Because Toaster loves cute thingies.

Dr. Toast’s Amazing World of Toast — Because Toaster is dedicated to his craft of bringing Toastie Goodness into the world.

Hello Kitty Hell — Kittie Kuteness Kills.

The Bioscope — We love the movies!

Uncle Dan’s blog — But Toaster thinks that Lou should have his own blog.


Perambulatory Toaster and Trained Meow-Meows
Wednesday 29 August 2007, 22:06 pm
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Blue Velvet writes in Comfort Zone:

Designer Leash, Mouse, and Toaster

I don’t know if the leash is for the toaster, but it would make walking Toaster much easier perhaps for Bwana.

Boy, that’s a colorful toaster. Very artsy.

The leash is pretty, too, but our Toaster doesn’t need a leash. He’s quite good at walking to heel. The only thing is that his little legs get tired quickly, so more often than not Bwana winds up carrying him all the way back home.

Toaster’s well-trained, but he’s not as good as the cats in the Moscow Cats Theatre. Those guys are really quite amazing. I thought cats were only good at vomiting up hairballs. My bad.

They are more acrobatic than the Tofu Guys, but no way they could do Script Ohio.

I wonder if Uncle Dan’s dog, Lou, could fit into the cat act. Lou is very talented. Of course, if he joined the Cats Theatre then he’d have to travel and be away from home a lot. Lou might not want to be separated from Uncle Dan. Toaster hates being away from Bwana.

Comfort Zone
Tuesday 28 August 2007, 22:35 pm
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bathroom-scale.jpgJanice Young writes in Comfort Food:

The title of this discussion is: Toasted Bread – Less Calories? Information and sometimes amusing

Toaster says that there should be no caloric quota on comfort. He doesn’t understand why humans are obsessed with weight, calories, and diets. His own personal philosophy is “Don’t worry, be toastie.”

He was very upset during the Atkins Diet craze. It led to the homelessness of untold numbers of toasters who were turned out as their humans decided to go no-carbo.

It’s not carbohydrates! It’s not toast!

You people just eat too darn much of everything. And — not to be pushy or anything — but you could really stand to get out more and not sit in front of your tv’s and computers so much. Do what Bwana does: pick up your toaster and take it out for a walk. Toasters love fresh air and sunshine.

Comfort Food
Sunday 26 August 2007, 22:42 pm
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toast.jpgJudie inquired regarding National Waffe Day:

I read your blog after lunch yesterday. Is it too late to have a waffle now?

It’s never too late to have a waffle. Even though National Waffle Day was two days ago you can still enjoy wafflehood and explore your Waffle Nature.

Toaster would like to point out that it is never too late to have toast, either. A lot of people think of toast as a breakfast food. While it goes well with morning coffee or a nice glass of orange juice, toast is good at any time of the day or night. If Bwana has a particularly trying day at work Toaster will often make him toast after he gets home. A nice piece of toast is the remedy for just about all ills and stressful situations.

National Waffle Day
Friday 24 August 2007, 11:58 am
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toaster-waffle.jpgToaster wishes to remind all his friends that today is National Waffle Day. He stands in solidarity with all small appliances across America to honor this great event.

Toaster encourages you to have a waffle. You can make one from scratch (there are a lot of nifty recipes here) or just pop an Eggo into your handy dandy toaster.

While you have your waffle you can send a nice Waffle Day ecard to all your friends and family.

Happie waffle!

And an especially Happie Waffle Day to all our politician friends out there in FlipFlopLand!

Toaster Query
Thursday 23 August 2007, 15:56 pm
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Toaster would like to ask your opinion.

Do you think the doggie in Uncle DP’s videos is the real Patrick Family pooch, or do you think he is an actor?

In either case, he is cute and expertly plays his part.

However, if he is an actor then Toaster would like the chance to audition for the role.

True, he is but a small kitchen appliance, but Toaster is very puppy-like. He is experienced in accompanying Bwana to work on Take Your Dog to Work Day. He is frisky, loyal, and all those other good dog qualities. He doesn’t shed (OK, so a few crumbs spill out every now and again — he’s fine if you just shake him out once in a while), he never gets fleas, and he never ever bites the mailman.

Toaster is completely faithful to Bwana, but in the interest of playing the part he will put forth his best Strasberg method acting effort and BE the DP dog.

He’s ready for his close-up, Mr. Patrick ….

Toaster Yummies
Wednesday 22 August 2007, 23:07 pm
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submarine.jpgBlue Velvet ponders in Haiku Toaster:

Maybe this is Uncle Dan’s new company:

Uncle Dan’s Inc.


Boy, a nice salad would go good with Cousins Subs!