Gee, whiz ….
Sunday 11 November 2012, 20:21 pm
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Hokey smokes, Florida. It’s about time! Get with the program!

Vote Count Confirms Obama Win in Florida


Thanks, Ohio!
Tuesday 6 November 2012, 23:21 pm
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Toaster would like to thank the great state of Ohio for the 18 electoral votes it awarded to President Obama.

Thursday 5 April 2012, 20:52 pm
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Olbermann Files Suit Against Current ‘Dilettantes’

Keith Olbermann, fired last week from his show on Current TV, has followed through on his threat to file suit against his former employers. The suit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeks damages of $50 million to $70 million.


(Toaster loves a good fight!)

Friday 30 March 2012, 17:00 pm
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Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann

For nearly a year now, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt have been building their liberal cable news channel, Current TV, with the mercurial television anchorman Keith Olbermann at its center.

This week, the center collapsed.

It’s not a good time for Toaster to ask Bwana for a raise in his allowance.

Toaster might have to resort to scavenging for loose change in Prometheus Fountain.

Bwana Day!
Friday 27 January 2012, 22:37 pm
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Hokey smokey! The years sure roll by fast!

There’s no better way to celebrate the day than with a slice of hot toaster topped with butter.

And a case of Champagne.

Did Someone say “Toast”?
Thursday 15 December 2011, 21:21 pm
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A toast to Mr. Hitchens!

Happie V’s!
Monday 14 February 2011, 13:21 pm
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Toaster wishes everyone a Happie Valentine’s Day!