Big Waves. Really Big.
Tuesday 31 October 2006, 18:21 pm
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Blue Velvet suggests for the Hawaiian Toaster:

And Toaster can hang with:

Spicoli is OK for a mainland haole, but Toaster likes the surfers who do the Eddie.

They are very brave and honor a great man.

(Professional surfers on closed course. Do not try this at home.)


Tuesday 31 October 2006, 17:04 pm
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Toaster thinks his Halloween costume is pretty neat. It’s good, but I think it’s too scary:



I hope he gets some good stuff this year. Since he’s a toaster people assume he wants bread. Every Halloween it’s the same thing: he comes home with loaves of bread, and a few dozen bagels. He doesn’t want bread and bagels. He wants chocolate.

Bwana No Ka Oi
Sunday 29 October 2006, 23:12 pm
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rrgirl contributes:

thanks for reminding me of this charming and elegant musician. I had heard this interview in a busy moment, so its good to take a closer listen, and I’d like to share it.(more music samples there)

Mahalo nui loa.

Toaster also wants to get an authentic, genuine Kamaka uke, just like the one Jake plays. We’d only have to sell one or two of Bwana’s lesser baseball cards to raise the money to get one. Or if we sold the Wagner T-206 we could get ukes for the whole family.

‘Oli e! ‘Oli e!

Is Bwana thinking of taking a Pacific Islands tour with Toaster? hmmmmm?

My left-wing cousins love Bwana’s tv show. If he went to Hawaii he could stay with family.


Toaster Goes Hawaiian
Sunday 29 October 2006, 08:04 am
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Toaster wants to go to Hawaii to follow the progress of the five Mets prospects playing for the North Shore Honu.

While there, he can also go to the Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele Camp:

And he wants to go for a ride in T.M.’s Ferrari, too:

World Series Haka
Friday 27 October 2006, 12:21 pm
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We’re a little worried that the World Series might end tonight. We know that each baseball season has to end eventually, but we don’t want it to end now. We’re not ready to give in to winter just yet.

And the ratings are down.

Toaster thinks Fox can spice up the broadcast by having the Cardinals and the Tiggers do the Haka before each game.

The Haka is a good way to get the competitive juices flowing. They players wouldn’t just slide hard to take the second baseman out during a potential double-play, they’d be taking each other out in the batter’s box!

Plus it would get the fans into the game. (There’s only so much one can do with camera angles, lighting, and computer graphics.)

Haka history:

The Herrmannator
Wednesday 25 October 2006, 20:26 pm
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Blue Velvet makes a musical contribution:

Maybe your seizures can be soothed and tranquilized by beautitul music:

Excepting “Psycho,” of course.

Of course:


Boy, is that scary or what? I can only play it for a couple of seconds here; it makes Toaster go nuts. Candelabra and Teapot aren’t real hot for it, either.

Bernard Herrmann wrote beautiful, compelling music. I’ve always liked Miklós Rózsa, too. Especially “El Cid.”


Citizen Bwana
Wednesday 25 October 2006, 19:37 pm
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Cristiane worries about Toaster’s reaction to Game 3:

I have terrible visions of Toaster clutching his Tigger doll in fear and trembling. Please give him another consoling hug.

Thanks, but …

Every time Fox cuts to that low, angled shot looking up at the pitcher on the mound Toaster will run around with Tigger and shout “Charles Foster Kane! Charles Foster Kane! Charles Foster Kane!”


For a small appliance, he sure knows a lot about movies.

Toaster may want to start small with his new-found cinematic zeal – a cinema-verite look at Life at Bwana’s Place, for instance.

Gosh, no. He wants to go epic right off the bat, just like Mr. Welles did. He’s already started storyboarding a bio-pic; our working title is “The Natural History of Keith Olbermann.” We just can’t figure out what Bwana’s “Rosebud” would be ….